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Parent Involvement

Many volunteer opportunities exist for parents at Assumption Catholic Schools. From helping out in the classroom and supporting athletic teams to planning fundraising events and welcoming new families, parents can find a volunteer role that suits their interests and their schedule. Our parent volunteers find that not only do they help make ACS an even better place for their children, they form lasting friendships and in the process become part of the Assumption family. The school has four major parent volunteer organizations that provide opportunities to be informed and to help serve the students, faculty and staff.


ACS Parent Organizations:

All ACS Volunteer Form

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OLQH Volunteer Form

Royal Parents Volunteer Form

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Volunteer Opportunities

Education at Assumption Catholic Schools is not limited to the classroom where students learn the Catholic faith. ACS students and their families are also called to answer the Gospel message by living it as disciples of Christ.

Service outside the school challenges even the youngest ACS students and their families to learn more about their community and its needs. Opportunities for service abound as do those in the Assumption family willing to emulate the actions of Jesus by showing compassion and empathy in order to relieve the burdens of others.

ACS Student Volunteer Opportunities

There are a number of community service sites around the Wisconsin Rapids area that have well organized volunteer opportunities. We encourage students to choose sites that match their interests and challenge them to grow as individuals.

For additional information please contact your child’s school office.


Student Ambassador Program:
  • Pope Francis recently stated, “Go, do not be afraid, and serve.  If you follow these three ideas, you will experience that the one who evangelizes is evangelized; the one who transmits the joy of faith receives more joy.”    Service to others is at the heart of the Catholic faith, and it is part of Assumption Catholic Schools’ mission.  We believe that the spiritual growth students experience as they give of themselves through ministry to others will lead to a lifetime of commitment to service. Our hope is that they incorporate service as a core value in their lives and see it as the heart of what it means to be a leader in society. To this end, Assumption Catholic Schools has developed a Student Ambassador program. This program is a formalized volunteer program for our students and will provide opportunities to volunteer in our schools, our parishes and our communities.  The Student Ambassador program will be offered at grade school, middle school and the high school levels.

  • Student Ambassador Program
  • HS Student Ambassador Volunteer Form
  • 1-8 Student Ambassador Volunteer Form
Family Services:
  • A Royal Christmas: ACS National Honor Society sold handmade ornaments and baked goods to fund Christmas gifts for an adopted family from the Family Center.  Contact Mrs. Minarcin for more information.

  • Food Drives: Seasonally, all ACS school participate in food drives for South Wood County Food Pantry. In November of 2010, they collected almost 2,000 items, which was matched by a $1.00 donation per item by Tri-City Refrigeration.

  • Neighborhood Table: Groups of students such as Key Club members, faculty members, and parents have subsidized and served at the weekly Neighborhood Table.

  • Coats for Kids: Classrooms do fundraisers such as wrapping gifts at the mall during Christmas to donate funds toward Coats for Kids campaign and Hat and Mitten Trees.

  • United Way Drives: All schools participate in local United Way fund drives and special events.

  • Local Benefits for struggling families: The Assumption community is especially generous in supporting benefits for local families that are struggling with health issues or financial difficulties.  ACS members have hosted, supported and donated to such causes.

  • GAPP: German American Partnership Program. an exchange program between AHS and Hans-Leinberger-Gymnasium in Landshut, Bavaria. AHS families host exchange students from partner school. Contact Ms. Kowaleski for more information.

  • Sponsoring a child: AHS civics class sponsors a child in Sierra Leone—providing education, health care, water, sanitation and spiritual nurturing.

  • Make a Difference Day: Annually students and families throughout the Assumption Catholic School System volunteer to spend a day in late October—raking leaves, cleaning up yards and helping elderly in the community.

  • Put it Down: AHS and AMS students show their support for state wide initiative banning the use of cell phone texting while driving.

senior citizens:
  • Veterans Day Services: AHS and AMS band and choir members yearly play for the memorial service at the Wood County Court House. Contact Mr. Gregson or Miss Thomas for more information.

Campus Ministry:
  • Retreats: Retreat Teams at AHS begin the year with their own leadership retreat where they learn to lead retreats for younger students and foster the spiritual atmosphere of the school.

  • World Youth Day:  AHS students join Diocesan groups to attend the International Event.

  • Shadow Stations: Lenten crucifixion presentation performed by at area churches AHS students. Contact Mr. Gregson for more information.

  • March For Life: Students and family members attend National Right to Life March protesting the legalization of abortion in the United States.