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Scrip Program


The SCRIP Office located at Assumption High School, 445 Chestnut Street. Wisconsin Rapids is staffed by 90% volunteers, therefore hours are dependent upon the number and availability of volunteers.


SCRIP Office Hours:

Hours of operation are subject to change. Our normal hours open for walk-ins are:
Tuesday 11-2pm
Thursday 11-6pm
Friday 9-1pm


If you would like to volunteer your time, we would welcome you! Please contact Michele Haas, at 715-422-0909 or by email.


A limited amount of SCRIP is also available at each of the school offices during the school year. If you have questions regarding the scrip program please contact our ACS Scrip Coordinator, Michele Haas, at 715-422-0909.


More about the Scrip Program


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Tuition, Scholarships and Tuition Aid

A goal of Assumption Catholic Schools is to provide a Catholic education to every student that desires one. The commitment of ACS parents is evidenced by their continued contributions, both in time and money, toward the operation of the schools. Every family pays something towards the education of their children in ACS. However, we realize that many families have financial barriers that impede their ability to fully fund their children’s Catholic education. Assumption Catholic Schools, Assumption High School Foundation, and many parish organizations have established various tuition assistance funds for the purpose of assisting qualified families with tuition assistance based on their financial need. Cost of tuition should never be a reason for familes not to enroll their students in Assumption Catholic Schools. More than 36% of our ACS families receive some form of tuition assistance.


Any family in need of tuition assistance must complete a St. Joseph Tuition Grant Application each year. This form is available here and should be returned to ACS Administrative and Enrollment office as soon as students are enrolled. All applications and supporting documentation are held strictly confidential.

Forms of Tuition Assistance

Each student that attends Assumption Catholic Schools receives an automatic reduction in the cost of education through the support of the nine area Catholic parishes.  The Catholic parishes in the Wisconsin Rapids Deanery contribute over 48% of ACS income ($1,850,000 for 2011-12) to help defray the cost of educating ACS students.


Additional forms of tuition assistance available to families completing and submitting a Confidential Tuition Assistance Application and the supporting documentation include:


  • ACS Tuition Assistance Grants
  • Assumption High School Foundation Scholarships
  • ACS Endowment Scholarships
  • Sponsor A Student Grants
  • Bishop Tuition Assistance Grants
  • Guardian Angel Grants
  • Various parish and organization scholarships and grants

Every family questioning its ability to fully fund its children's tuition at Assumption Catholic Schools is encouraged to contact Michele, ACS Controller, at 715-422-0904 to discuss funding options.

Tuition Fees and Financial Aid Forms

Below are the forms and fee schedules that are needed for assistance.