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Scrip Program

    The SCRIP Office located at Assumption High School, 445 Chestnut Street. Wisconsin Rapids is staffed by 90% volunteers, therefore hours are dependent upon the number and availability of volunteers.


SCRIP Office Hours:

Hours of operation are subject to change. We are still in need of volunteers. Our school year hours for walk-ins are:

Tuesday 11-2 pm

Thursday 11-6 pm
Friday 9-1 pm


Summer hours

Monday 9-12 pm

Tuesday 11-2 pm
Thursday 11-6 pm


If you would like to volunteer your time, we would welcome you! Please contact Katie Mancl at 715-422-0900 or by email.


A limited amount of SCRIP is also available at each of the school offices during the school year. If you have questions regarding the scrip program please contact our ACS Scrip Coordinator, Terra Duellman, at 715-422-0909.

SCRIP Program

What is the Scrip Program?

SCRIP is a nationally recognized fundraising program. Retailers sell gift certificates and gift cards to ACS Scrip at a discount. ACS sells the gift cards at full face value. The families redeem the gift cards at face value and the discount is retained by Assumption Catholic Schools, of which a portion is offered as a tuition rebate.

Does your household budget include the following expenses?
• Groceries • Gasoline • Clothing • Household Needs • Restaurants

Scrip is offered by hundreds of local and national retailers — where most of you already shop! With every purchase, you earn revenue for your local parish and reduce your tuition bill. A portion of the profit can be used as a credit towards tuition. The remainder is used for school operations.

Whether shopping for clothing, home improvement items, entertainment, electronics, or going out to eat, Scrip is available for you. ShopWithScrip automatically offers you the retailers you know and love.



Earn College Tuition Credit through the ACS Scrip Program

The Scrip office will now be offering families the opportunity to earn college tuition credit through Scrip purchases.


Scrip for college credits will be 50% for families and 50% for ACS Scrip Program. In order to purchase for college credits, families must no longer have students in the ACS System. The reason being, our accounting software for scrip is under the family name.  It will not separate between ACS scrip credits or college scrip credits.  The only way this will work is to keep it all one or the other.


Scrip checks for college credits will be paid out Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, or May on the 15th of the month only by the express written request of the family indicating the name of the college.