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College Credit for
High School Courses

College-level or Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which can lead to college credit, are popular at Assumption High School. It is possible for students to complete enough courses with college credit earning potential at AHS to achieve sophomore status in college. The Director of Instruction or School Counselor can provide additional information for interested students.


College credit earning potential for AHS students include:


Advanced Biology
(prep for AP: Biology)
American History Honors
(prep for AP:U.S. History)
AP: Psychology
German Placement Test
Mid-State Technical College Courses
PACC: Art Appreciation
PACC: Catholic Doctrine & Interpretation
PACC: General Chemistry I/Lab
PACC: Topics in British Literature
Spanish Placement Test


High School Course
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Assumption High School Curriculum

Each student earning an AHS diploma

will have successfully completed a set of required courses and a series of electives based on individual interests and needs. Every student who truly makes the effort will find success in Assumption High School.

Assumption High School offers a wide

variety of courses designed to afford all students the opportunities needed for growth in academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional maturity. The Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC) offered through St. Mary’s University of Minnesota offers AHS juniors and seniors college courses in the areas of art, English, religion, and science. Three Advanced Placement (AP) prep courses--American history, biology and psychology--afford Assumption students additional opportunities for college credit. AHS students can take courses through Mid-State Technical College (MSTC) and receive dual credit; students receive ¼ AHS credit for every 1 MSTC credit successfully completed. In addition, students who take upper level German and Spanish courses have a chance to earn 4-16 retro credits depending upon the level at which the student begins college level language study (based on foreign language placement test results).

All students are required to take four

years of religion courses including courses in Scripture, church history, apologetics, and ecclesiology. The school employs a chaplain and youth minister as well as a guidance counselor, and area priests are involved in the fostering of students' sacramental growth. Core requirements in English, math, science, and social studies exceed state requirements, and the academic rigor of AHS courses has resulted in consistent excellence on the ACT and other standardized tests.

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Assumption High School Standards for Excellence and Growth

The AHS student:

  • Demonstrates a strong faith and love of God through prayer.

  • Supports the mission of the Catholic Church.

  • Possesses principles of integrity including honesty, patience, fortitude, generosity, and self-control.

  • Recognizes and fulfills responsibility to community, society, and the world.

  • Affirms principles of loyalty, commitment, sacrifice, and trust.

  • Recognizes and respects the dignity and achievement of others.

  • Models Christian standards of ethical behavior in the workplace including charity toward others, respect for authority, pride in achievement, and the ability to be an effective team member.

  • Demonstrates an appreciation of the arts.

  • Exhibits leadership skills.

  • Formulates and effectively pursues worthwhile goals founded on the discernment of personal vocation.

  • Displays practical life skills, competency in math, writing skills, reading comprehension, scientific reasoning, use of technology, and research skills.

  • Develops habits of lifelong learning and employs critical and creative thinking as well as organizational skills.


    Assessment and Assistance

    Assumption High School students are tested regularly, challenged rigorously, and assisted daily to reach the goals embraced by our graduation standards. Students take the ITBS in spring before entering high school, the PLAN as first-semester sophomores, the Stanford 10 as second-semester sophomores, the PSAT as first-semester juniors, and the ACT as second-semester juniors. The Diocese of La Crosse requires students to take a religious assessment grades 4, 8, and 11. Scores on all assessments, along with the results of numerous surveys, are used to develop long-range school improvement plans every five years.


    In addition, the school requires semester exams in virtually all subjects, expects teachers to assign homework that helps students develop in the skills of reading, mathematics, and problem-solving, and seeks to consistently enforce standards of dress, behavior, and punctuality. For the past four years, Assumption has employed a professional tutoring service through our Academic Sucess Center.