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Cambridge Institute of China Business Research Program

Assumption High School has contracted with the Cambridge Institute of China Business Research to offer a high school education for up to ten students from Mainland, China. The program is designed to offer American secondary education to Chinese youth who ultimately are seeking enrollment in American colleges and universities.

Generally speaking, Catholic high schools are the preferred choice of these students and their families, given the solid reputation for academic rigor which Catholic schools enjoy. The students are interviewed and selected by Assumption Catholic Schools staff; if accepted, they enroll for three years, assuming they can meet and maintain all standards and expectations set forth for all Assumption students.

The students pay full tuition as well as an annual stipend of $5000 to their host families. Host families in turn are expected to provide all services normally offered by host families of foreign exchange students.

International Program

As the number of international students attending Assumption High School increases the need for ESL services has grown. This English as a Second Language program (ESL) promotes and supports our students’ academic success while improving their English fluency skills both in and out of the classroom.


The Assumption English immersion experience for international students includes:


    Immersion Program
  • Family Home Stay

  • International Coordinator who works one-on-one with each student.

  • Rigorous academic curriculum with English speaking peers including physical education, health, art, band, and choir.

English Applications Class
  • Reading, Writing, Note-Taking Skills,
    Public Speaking

  • Successful Reader Program

  • English-in-a-Flash (Vocabulary Development)

ESL Class
  • English-in-a-Flash (Vocabulary Development)

  • Academic support for all classes

  • Study Skills

  • Cultural Adaptation Skills

  • Students will visit elementary schools to share information about their culture with younger students.

  • TOEFL practice and preparation

  • ACT & SAT practice and prep

Extra-curricular participation in:

Athletics • Musical • Chess Club • Ping Pong Tournaments • Student Council • Forensics •
Jazz Choir

Social Opportunities

Field Trips • University Visits • Dances • Clubs • Dinners

The ESL Program is coordinated by Anne Zacher (Kozicki) Class of ‘85 If interested in learning more about this program or about hosting a student, contact Mr. Chris Marshaus