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Arts Calendar

  • 28Nov.

    SV Choral Christmas Concert

  • 4Dec.

    AMS-AHS Choir Concert

  • 11Dec.

    SV-AHS Band Concert

  • 14Dec.

    OLQH Christmas Program

  • 22Dec.

    Golden Mass 10am

  • 16Feb.

    District Solo/Ensemble @ AHS

Dinner Theater:

Assumption PRESENTED in 2016:

High School Musical on Stage


Assumption Presented in 2015:

Celebrate 60 Musical Review


ASSUMPION Presented in 2014:
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA

With its appearance on Broadway this year, this musical has garnered the attention of a new generation of “dreamers”.  We are proud to bring this beloved fairy tale to life. With great warmth, and more than a touch of hilarity, our Cinderella (Elaina Stoffel) deals with the demands of her Stepmother (Sadie Zurfluh) and Stepsisters (Christa Milkey and Emily Faivre).  She continues to dream of meeting the Prince (Brian Davis), even while her Godmother (Kaatje Weiland) tries to discourage such “fol-de-rol and fiddle-de-de”.  The impossible becomes possible, and Cinderella’s life will never be the same!

Assumption Presented in 2013:

The Sound of Music


The announcement of the annual Assumption musical is always met with excitement and enthusiasm. It has become a tradition that, for several weeks prior to the announcement, clues are given, and students and faculty are encouraged to guess which musical it will be.  We neither affirm, nor deny any guess – it is simply acknowledged.

Yes, I'm Interested!


The Fine Arts at Assumption Catholic Schools

The arts enhance our lives and connect our students to history, cultures, and creative thinking. 

Music, dance, theater and the visual arts nurture the imagination, intellect, and cognitive development.

The arts, therefore, are integral to the kind of education and human experience that we want our students to have.

St. Lawrence


The children at St. Lawrence Early Childhood Center discover their creativity through theme centered projects. These projects allow the children to build on their fine motor skills, explore a variety of materials and create a large range of art work. These beautiful art pieces are then put on display at the ACS Central Office, St. Lawrence Church, St. Lawrence ECC classrooms, and throughout the rest of the building.


The three-year olds at St. Lawrence participate in two music classes per week. During these times the children experiment with the different pitches and sounds their voices can make, learn simple phrase songs, listen and sing song tales, experience movement through music games and action songs, and also get the chance to play several different rhythm instruments.  The children learn seasonal songs, sacred songs, and present some of their songs at the Christmas program.


Our Lady Queen of Heaven


The Visual Art Program at our Lady Queen of Heaven emphasizes the elements of design. Students investigate line, shape, form, value, color, space and texture.  History, artists, and cultures are also explored.  The projects reinforce the elements while adding personal creative touches.  The State and National Art Standards are the foundation for the art curriculum in the Assumption Catholic School System.


Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade participate in two thirty minute music classes per week.  All grades spend time learning and preparing to be music ministers and cantors for weekly masses.  In addition all grade levels present a Christmas program and a Spring concert.  The music curriculum is based on Wisconsin State Standards and National Music Standards. 


Kindergarteners work on pitch matching, keeping a steady beat, learning how to play the rhythm instruments, adding movements to music(choreographed and impromptu) begin learning music terms, participate in song games, learn and perform music from other cultures, improvise, and learn seasonal songs. 


First graders continue working on pitch matching, keeping a steady beat, learning how to play rhythm instruments, following written music, adding movements to music-choreographed and impromptu, adding to their music vocabulary, participate in song games, learn and perform music from other cultures, improvise and learn seasonal songs.  First graders also do daily rhythm work and sight-singing exercises. 


Second graders continue to work on pitch matching, playing rhythm instruments and also use hand bells and xylophones as accompaniments to class songs and mass songs, and perform pieces written for bells. Like the first graders, second graders have dance and movement opportunities, participate in song games, learn and perform music from other culture, improvise, learn seasonal songs and do daily rhythm work and sight-singing exercises.   


St. Vincent de Paul


In the visual art program at St. Vincent de Paul students explore and investigate the use of a wide variety of creative material.  The visual elements are discussed with emphasis on line, color, and texture.  Seasonal religious projects are incorporated such as angels at Christmas and yarn crosses at Lent.



The music curriculum at St. Vincent de Paul is hands-on!  Homemade instruments are constructed. There are instructional units on hand bells and recorders. The students also learn to read music and apply rhythm skills.  Composers are researched and music theory is examined.  Choral presentations are given in the Christmas season as well as a spring concert.  Many sounds and songs can be heard from the music room. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!



Students who are interested in learning to play a musical instrument are encouraged to join band or orchestra. Students learn to understand rhythm, read music, and develop tone quality.


Assumption Middle School


Projects in the middle school are based on the use of the elements of design; line shape, value, form, space, color, texture.  Students are encouraged to use critical thinking, decision making, and creative expression in completing their projects. We also explore the relationship of the visual arts to history and culture. The masks, wire sculpture, and clay creations, are some of the favorite projects.


Participation in Choir provides for a deepening of musical knowledge and vocal development through performance of material from various periods of choral literature.  The main goal of this course is to further develop choral technique, music reading, correct posture and breathing, clear articulation, vocal projection and the joy of making music!  Students are required to have lessons, with the opportunity in small groups or alone and sight-reading and basic general music round off the course.  Concert performances are required as the choir is a team and each member plays a part.  Required public performances include the Christmas and Spring Concerts, Large Group Festival and Solo/ Ensemble Festival. 



The instrumental music curriculum stresses fundamental technique and skills in playing various instruments.  A variety of music is learned and played for different performances throughout the year including Spring and Christmas concerts and solo and ensemble. Students will have individual lessons as well as group rehearsals each week.  Appreciation for music, discipline in practice, and cooperation as a group ensemble are key elements of the band curriculum. 



Assumption Middle School presents one play each year.  


Assumption High School

Art I & II, Crafts,  Photography,  Pottery

The visual arts program in the high school recognizes artists, their work, styles, culture, and history. Students understand and apply the elements and principles of design in projects while demonstrating creativity and problem solving in assignments. Our students apply techniques to both two and three dimensional projects. They design and produce quality art in pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, stain glass, beading, textiles, mosaics and digital photography to name a few. The pottery department excels in both hand-building and wheel-thrown work. New techniques, tools, and products are experimented with and creatively applied.


Art Club 

The Art Club offers a face painting service to fund raisers, organizations and church events. Murals for the community have been some rewarding projects as well as murals for the schools.  



The Choral program has many specific goals for the students. Performance is not the number one goal of the choir, but rather is the journey traveled in preparing for the performances. Emphasis is placed on the individual student and their progress as musicians. Vocal techniques, sight-reading and music theory will all be incorporated into the curriculum.


High School Concert Choir

High School Concert Choir is a mixed group, in which members will learn how to sing in a larger group and have the opportunity to perform pieces from many genres of musical literature in front of an audience. Emphasis will be placed on vocal production, rehearsal techniques, and some music theory. High School Concert Choir will perform at two concerts, Marawood Honors Choir, Large Group Choir Festival, some athletic events and participate in Solo Ensemble. This group is open to anyone interested in singing in choir.


High School Royal Rhapsody

High School Royal Rhapsody is a performance group in which members learn how to sing in a smaller group and have the opportunity to perform pieces from many genres of musical literature in front of an audience. Emphasis is placed on advanced vocal production, rehearsal techniques, vocal jazz and madigrals. Royal Rhapsody will represent Assumption High School in the community, at festivals, as well as performing in concerts, various off campus functions, some athletic events and Solo Ensemble. Entrance into this group is open to anyone interested in going the extra mile in performance.


Band:  Jazz   Marching   Pep   Concert

There is a genuine exhilaration in making music, marching in a parade, or playing in a concert.

Among these things are Christmas and Spring concerts, participation in the solo and ensemble competition and the Large Group Contest, marching in the Warrens and Wisconsin Rapids parades, and playing pep band at football, volleyball, and basketball games.


Jazz Band is open to students who are currently in the Band Program. There is a high school jazz band as well as a middle school jazz band. Students must have played their instrument for at least a year and be fairly proficient on the instrument.

Lessons: Solo/Ensemble

All middle school and high school band students are involved in the District Solo/Ensemble Music Festival, which is held every February. Students work on music from the contest list, which will then be performed for a judge and will be given a rating based on 5 different criteria. Medals will be awarded based on the class and rating of the event.  


Band Letter

High School band members are eligible to receive a band letter at the end of the year. A letter may be earned by achieving a certain number of points for activities throughout the year. There are four levels of achievement that can be earned letter, silver, gold and outstanding achievement.


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Assumption Catholic Schools consistently present a quality musical every year.