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Welcome to ACS! We want you to learn as much as possible about Assumption Catholic Schools in order to make the best educational decision for you and your children.


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The ACS Mission
is to inspire excellence and personal growth grounded in Catholic principles and tradition.

A community of academic excellence, Catholic in
spirit and culture, nurturing integrity and respect.

At Assumption Catholic Schools, every child is provided a superior education that affirms the truths of the gospel and embraces the guidance of the Holy Spirit. By welcoming students, parents and teachers into a thriving Christian community, our schools become a vital extension of family life.

Assumption Catholic Schools nurture integrity, achievement, respect, generosity and life in Christ while at the same time offer an affordable, secure and joyful alternative to public education. Efficient operation, the support of our benefactors and dedicated professional instructors make possible a rigorous program of study.

Assumption Catholic Schools will continue to be a recognized center of academic excellence and a source of valued community leaders whose integrity is inspired by faith in God and the traditions of the Catholic Church for years to come..

ACS Mission Poster

Standards of Excellence and Growth
ACS faculty and staff work K-12 to produce AHS graduates who:

  • Demonstrate a strong faith and love of God through prayer.

  • Support the mission of the Catholic Church.

  • Possess principles of integrity including honesty, patience, fortitude, generosity and self-control.

  • Recognize and fulfill responsibility to community, society and the world.

  • Affirms principles of loyalty, commitment, sacrifice and trust.

  • Recognize and respect the dignity and achievement of others.

  • Model Christian standards of ethical behavior in the workplace including charity toward others, respect for authority, pride in achievement, and the ability to be an effective team member.

  • Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the arts and all cultures and their achievements.

  • Exhibit leadership skills.

  • Formulate and effectively pursue worthwhile goals founded on the discernment of personal vocation.

  • Display practical life skills, math competency, writing skills, reading comprehension, scientific reasoning, research skills, and proficiency in information technology.

  • Develop habits of lifelong learning and employ critical and creative thinking as well as organizational skills.

The Gospel in Action

Matthew 25: "Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me."

The Assumption Catholic Schools community strives not only to provide each of its members with an intellectual understanding of the Faith, but also with a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth. Understanding that one’s relationship with Jesus Christ is of utmost importance, ACS attempts to foster and encourage the spiritual formation of each student through the religion curriculum, weekly celebration of the Holy Mass, prayer services, and regular opportunities to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Recognizing and respecting that students may come from a variety of faith backgrounds, we encourage all to seek the Truth both in academic study and in their spiritual lives. In order to assist students in this regard, we offer a variety of programs that have become a part of the religion curriculum.

Campus Ministry

The intent of the campus ministry program is to present to students a yet-undiscovered aspect of the faith, a dimension not directly experienced in an academic setting, as well as to expose them to the great beauty of the Universal Church. Campus ministry opportunities are provided throughout our system to offer students at all levels opportunities to grow in their personal spiritual lives.

  • Parish Outreach Activities
  • Youth Conferences & Retreats
  • Pilgrimages
  • Stations of the Cross/Shadow Stations
  • Campus Ministry Team
  • Adoration & Benediction
  • March for Life
  • Service Trips/Projects
  • Vocation Exploration
  • Social Events/Speakers
  • Feast Day Celebrations
  • Rosary/Marian Services
  • Food, Funds, and Clothing Drives
  • Grandparents Day